Greetings from the Charming Charliees!

So you have decided to get to know The High Society team a little better. The team is composed of you, the Angels and we, CharLee  & CharLie…together The Charming Charliees – your trusty fashion messengers.

Based in the “oh so beautiful” city of Montréal – Canada, our mission is to bring forth all that is related to fashion and lifestyle. We are here to share exclusive insights on upcoming trends to exciting inspirations, while stimulating your intellectual side. Essentially, deconstructing the modern Art de Vivre.

From travels, cultures,  culinary experiences, to fashion across the world, The High Society brings together all that defines you, our Angels – the modern trendsetters.

Our job as The Charming Charliees is to keep you updated with the newest style missions, whether in life or fashion.  You as an Angel have the duty to be out in the action – living, sharing & inspiring the world, one thread at a time!

So sit back, relax with your favourite glass of vino… or just a comforting cup of coffee/tea and enjoy your stay!

Welcome to The High Society…


CharLee & CharLie


One comment

  1. Keep it Up!, Best Wishes…

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