Caught my eyes last season & still “in” for this Summer,  my current “coup de coeur” are  Shorts Suits. I fell in love with this oh-so-feminine take on menswear! The matching two-piece blazer and shorts ensemble are truly lust-worthy. By now you probably have an idea about my style motto – Effortless, Chic & Feminine. Well! […]

Time for some beauty lovin’! It’s a dull, chilly and rainy day in Montreal today and I feel a little down. So, I thought about sharing some of my favourite make-up goodies that make me happy. I’m a huge fan of Chanel cosmetics. In fact, it was the first brand of cosmetics I had ever […]

Last week we went thrift shopping for the first time. I am scared to say…we are  addicted!!! It just brings shopping to a whole new level.  We were like two kids lost in candyland.  Our goal was to find  interesting and unique pieces to add to our closet. I must admit, at first it felt […]

Alright all that Sex and the City talk got me footwear hungry! Besides the fabulous clothes, if there is anything else I lusted after from Carrie’s closet, it was most definitely her shoes. Oh those lovely, magical feet-hugging creatures! Seriously though, CharLie and I firmly believe that footwear can make or break any outfit. In […]

Just like any die – hard Sex & the City fan my favourite part of the hit TV series is the one and only Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker. The girl who “liked her money right where she can see it…hanging in her closet”.  Yah…till this day I still think that Carrie Bradshaw made […]

Greetings Angels!! Fair warning before we jump in: *Fan-girl-CharLee-alert*…this one might ramble on a little 😉 As you are already aware by now, I am a total a history fanatic. Things of the past make me tingly with excitement! I have always felt a sense of adventure and awe when it comes to the power […]

Who here loves rocking a wristwatch and does it so often that it is pretty much part of their “getting dressed” ritual? *Raises hand* Any fans of the slicked back hair style? *Raises hand again* Angels, I love both these styles and find them insanely attractive on both men and women! The wet sleek look […]