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Style Inspirations: Colour me White

Summer has finally begun in earnest and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve been greatly enjoying my summer wardrobe, especially the goodies in my favourite colour of them all a.k.a WHITE! I love all variances of white – be it cream, off-white, stark white. WHITE WHITE WHITE! As a style statement, it directly translates into elegance. […]

Timeless Beauty – Rouge Obsessed

The wonderful classic red lipstick, mother of them all! In fact the French word rouge, which has been used interchangeably for lipstick for a very long time, straight up means red. One of my absolute favourite look of all time is to sport a classic red lip. I’m kind of obsessed with the absolute gorgeousness, […]

Vintage Lovin’: Cristobal Balenciaga – The Artist

One of my favourite designers of all time is Cristobal Balenciaga. I absolutely love him! His dedication toward his talent and craft is incomparable. He should be described as an artist rather than a designer, really. In fact, my other favourite designer which you probably know by now: Hubert de Givenchy, is actually his biggest […]

Vintage Lovin’: Watches and Hair

Who here loves rocking a wristwatch and does it so often that it is pretty much part of their “getting dressed” ritual? *Raises hand* Any fans of the slicked back hair style? *Raises hand again* Angels, I love both these styles and find them insanely attractive on both men and women! The wet sleek look […]

Vintage Lovin’: I Heart Givenchy

SEE THAT HANDSOME MAN THERE? CharLee WUVS him! As you read through the High Society entries and follow my raves and rants you will quickly get used to these fan girl posts — my crazy-in-love-inner-fan-girl-out-burst posts to be exact. With that, you will also very quickly notice a common theme in said posts: Hubert de […]