Style Inspirations: Colour me White


Summer has finally begun in earnest and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve been greatly enjoying my summer wardrobe, especially the goodies in my favourite colour of them all a.k.a WHITE! I love all variances of white – be it cream, off-white, stark white. WHITE WHITE WHITE! As a style statement, it directly translates into elegance. You can never go wrong with white – timeless and universally attractive on all of human race. Can it get any better?

I pretty much adore anything in white from clothes, flowers, carpets, architecture, curtains, a man in a white shirt or better yet a woman in a man’s white shirt…Seriously, you name it, I probably love it! Of course, this doesn’t discount my excitement for the other shades. I love my fashion doses in all it’s colours from neutrals to brights!

In any case white is a little extra special in my heart of hearts and has been so since I was a baby…Ah those good old days of attempting to eat fluffy white cotton balls followed by my panicky mother trying to pry it out of my mouth.

For the past couple of weeks with the rising heat of summer, CharLie and I have been especially obsessing over white. May be it’s the airy and hot feeling of  summer? White has this innate weightlessly serene elegance about it, which I’m probably craving more due to all this humidity! Also, one of my ultimate favourite aspect of white clothing is how gorgeous it is against the earthiness of the human skin tone. It’s so darn sexy! White + golden summer skin = beautiful man/woman alert.

I seem to want everything in white: vests, blazers, dresses, bags, pants, sandals. Obsessed, I tell you, OBSESSED. Then again, it’s been this way since forever…can we really call it an obsession? Isn’t more like a soul-mate thing? Sounds a little more healthy and… crazy! It’s happening again, I’m going off on a tangent. So, before sanity is officially lost, I’ll call it what it is – this post is nothing more or less than a heartfelt rave of all things white and to commemorate my love of white, I’ll share with you my current mood board of style inspirations with beautiful people, places, and items in white.

White-mood-board CharLee

Hope this brightens and relaxes your mood as much as it does mine.



PS: In case you were wondering, the collage includes pictures of (in random order): Balmain spring/summer 2013 collection, Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy, Chanel, Fred Astaire, Bvlgari, Giuseppe Zanotti, Marlon Brando, James Dean, the Taj Mahal, Santorini (Greece), Elle Magazine from 1980s, Sean Connery, Valentino spring/summer 2013 collection, Stella McCartney spring summer 2013 collection, Julia Roberts and the Italian life campaign by Dolce & Gabbana.


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