Déco-Inspiration: The Gallery Wall

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Hello Angels!

With some free time on my hands, here I am planning my next DIY project – The Gallery Wall. I simply love Gallery Walls. They are the perfect decor solution to transform an empty wall into a one of a kind gallery of framed photographs, quotes, memorial from trips or art work, placed in different dimensions or aligned in clean straight row, creating an absolute visual delight. A Gallery Wall adds character to any room and probably one of the best way to display cherished  photos and momentos out of the albums, where you can appreciate them everyday. They are unique, personal to each and aesthetically pleasing.

During summer, I am lucky  to have some free space in my busy schedule to invest time doing things that really inspires me such as writing, crafts and decor! In fact I do have a crafty side in me…something I had since I am a child. From making paper jewelry box, to creating my own school bag, to building card board house for myself (no, not for my dolls…I guess it has always been “go big or go home” for me), as a kid I use to be always busy with my next craft project! But you know how it is…as time go by, we somehow detach ourselves with the amazing talents we would have as kids.

Still now, from time to time, that crafty person in me comes back to live, especially when it comes to home decor.  Oh! and did I mention how clumsy I am? Crafty + Clumsy…I have the perfect combo to make a disaster out of anything.

Few tips for a DIY Gallery Wall:
  • First step would be to collect frames. Dig out old frames you already have at home and give them a new look with spray paint, get them from thrift stores or buy them on sale. I would say to start with 7-10 frames and then grow your gallery from there. I personally love frames that have different shape, size, finishing and colour. It’s fun and definitely adds more dimension!
  • Use photographs, memorial from trips, art work, quotes that are meaningful to you and inspiring. You can also get creative by using mirrors and fun objects, which will add architectural elements to the wall. 
  • For the clumsy ones like myself, before you start playing with the actual frames, trace each frame on paper and cut out the shapes and tape them on the wall…wherever you want them to go.  It helps visualize the shape of your framed picture grouping before drilling wholes in the wall. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the distance between frames. A good distance between frames on a gallery wall is about 2” horizontally and vertically…it eliminates the cluttered look and gives a cohesive form to the grouping. 

Finally here are few of the inspirations for my Gallery Wall. I will be using family pictures, cherished memories from childhood and capture these moments into a snapshot of  framed picture collection.




26. southern accents gallery wall














  1. Love gallery walls, but they look like a tough project to take on!

    1. You’re absolutely right! Tough, time consuming, fun and super rewarding:)

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