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Time for some beauty lovin’!

It’s a dull, chilly and rainy day in Montreal today and I feel a little down. So, I thought about sharing some of my favourite make-up goodies that make me happy. I’m a huge fan of Chanel cosmetics. In fact, it was the first brand of cosmetics I had ever used! Of course back then their skin tone range was atrocious. As much as I had loved the product consistency, I had to let it go since they pretty much came in 3 shades – light, medium and dark. Talk about being simplistic, especially considering how insanely multicultural urban cities tend to be! Anyhow, no hard feelings as brands have move forward and have begun carrying many shades. This also means it can sometimes be confusing! You know what they say, too many choices pretty much brings about the same qualms as too little choice. Human beings are annoying like that.

In any case for the past couple of years, Chanel has been doing a great job catering to a variety of skin tones and I’m happily on board again! Nothing beats their face products – the distinct scent, the gorgeous consistency and the fact that it generally delivers what it promises.

So, here’s a review of my favourite summer staples straight from my dresser:


Hydra Beauty Serum: The product is aimed at protecting, hydrating and adding radiance to the skin. I actually bought this one randomly on a whim when I went to buy something else. I LOVE putting it on and I must say it truly holds up on the hydrating promise. Being someone with normal to dry skin it’s a great addition to my make-up bag!

VitaLumiere Aqua: One of my favourite foundations EVER. It’s extremely light! I mean it’s lighter than BB creams as well as many tinted moisturizers I have seen. It really, really feels like you have absolutely nothing on. The effet seconde peau is actually the perfect description, as it really is like a second skin. It can be build-able up to medium coverage. I find it to be the perfect summer face product. It doesn’t wear off, stays put and looks and feels like you have absolutely nothing on! AMAZING.

Sublime de Chanel (mascara) : I love it! I had tried the Dior show a while back and was unfortunately disappointed, considering all the hype. This product pretty much made up for the things I found missing in the Dior Show. A key factor being the packaging. The Chanel mascara closes securely – you can actually feel it click, consequently the product just does not dry out. My dior show had dried out rather quickly due to the typical turning cap. This one does everything while remaining long-lasting. Better bang for the buck! I also love the simple, sleek packaging.


Poudre Universelle Libre: Although I don’t use this product regularly, especially in fall/winter, I do love it for the times when I need it. Being someone with skin that can get dry, I generally don’t use powder product as they make me look dehydrated. Therefore, finding a finishing power was an issue. This product fixed my problem perfectly well! I dust it on lightly during those humid summer days. It is very fine and totally disappears on application which is why it works great for the under eye area as well. Also, it lasts a really long time!


VitaLumiere: Like the aqua, this one is absolutely incredible as well! This is my fall/winter foundation where as the aqua I use in summertime only. I personally don’t like having too much product on the face. With this product, I have to use very little in spite of my dry skin tone and I love that my face stays moisturized all day long. Seriously, this is the perfect foundation for those dry and harsh fall/winter days. It feels amazing and looks beautiful. Gives me the healthy-glowy look in winter, every single time. Love it!

So Angels, these are some of my favourite products. I did a great deal of trial and error before I found them. Finding that perfect skin tone and type match is very difficult (my golden-yellowy-peachy-olive skin tone doesn’t make life any easier). The fact that so many of my make-up products turned out to be Chanel speaks volumes of their product quality and gives me enough proof of their product reliability. Of course for eyes, lips, cheeks there’s a whole slew of other products and some of my other favourite brands that I’ll definitely share in another post.

What are some of your irreplaceable beauty finds? Do share!



PS: During a recent trip to Sephora with CharLie, I was very impressed by some of Givenchy’s make-up products. I SWEAR I’m not being biased due to my general love for Givenchy! Even CharLie can attest to it, she really liked them as well.




  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    Chanel makeup is the best!

    – KW

    1. After testing and trying a bunch of other make-up products along with it, I can definitely agree about Chanel being the best!;)

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