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thrift Finds

Last week we went thrift shopping for the first time. I am scared to say…we are  addicted!!! It just brings shopping to a whole new level.  We were like two kids lost in candyland.  Our goal was to find  interesting and unique pieces to add to our closet. I must admit, at first it felt a little overwhelming. We were walking past racks after racks of clothing. CharLee even said  “I just can’t get into it”.

But soon the “savvy shopper” in us took over.  It’s time to awaken the creative child in you Angels! The challenge is  to “mentally” pair and style each amazing finds with your existing closet. Sounds easy right? But it’s not! Imagine a sweater twice your size, a vintage blazer that makes you look you came right from the 80s scene or a floral printed vest that your grand-mother might wear (no offence to grandmas…they are cool)! Yah…you get the picture.

After spending hours going over every piece, every rack and  exploring every corner of the store we ended up with a pile of clothes. And then started the next mission! It was time to try each piece. We had a good laugh…from “you look like a clown” to “take this thing off” to “oh wow that’s a keeper” we bravely tried every piece and bared each other’s scrutinization. After 4h, I left the store with five fabulous-finds: a genuine leather palazzo bermuda, a shirt with beautiful velvet details, a green & black printed vest with gold detailing, a olive-green waistcoat and a one of a kind sleeveless vest that looks like it was snatched from somewhere in India. I just can’t wait to style all of these pieces!

In conclusion, my wallet was very…very happy. Someone’s trash became my treasure. I added pieces to my closet that no one else has! That makes me a happy person & we already cannot wait to go back!

Now  get your pen & paper ready…here are our top tips & tricks that will turn you into a Savvy Thrifter:

#1 – Go with a friend…trust me, you will need one. While you are too absorbed by that theatre-costume like dress…you need someone to bring you back to reality.

#2 – Comfort will be you best friend…so dress accordingly. Wear something that will be easy to remove while trying on the pieces.

#3 – While you are busy exploring every corner of the store to score your next fabulous-find…remember to collect anything that peaks your fancy. Whether it’s a keeper or not will be judged at the dressing-room. But for now just collect anything that catches your eye.

#4 – That brings me to the next point…yes, you will need to try on each piece. You might have questions such as “are these stuff even washed??”…chances are they aren’t but there is really no way to go around that.

#5 – Get creative! At first glance a certain piece might not look so appealing . But that’s the art of thrift shopping! See how you can style it, picture pairing it with pieces in your wardrobe, find ways to revamp something vintage with modern pieces.

#6 – Probably one of the most important one…if you have second thoughts about a piece there, chances are you will  have second thoughts when time will come to wear it. Let it go. It will be lost in wonderland…your closet.

# 7 – This one, you have probably figured out by now…you need to wash all the items once, twice and if needed thrice! Some pieces might  also need to be dry cleaned depending on the material.

We hope that inspires you to explore thrifting…give it a shot if you haven’t, we promise you will love it!



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