Summer Love – Strut like a Stunner

titlestrappyAlright all that Sex and the City talk got me footwear hungry! Besides the fabulous clothes, if there is anything else I lusted after from Carrie’s closet, it was most definitely her shoes. Oh those lovely, magical feet-hugging creatures! Seriously though, CharLie and I firmly believe that footwear can make or break any outfit.

In any case, the title shot most likely gave you an idea and you’re right if you’ve already guessed that this is a shameless post with the obvious intention of gushing and cooing about summer sandals – more specifically strappy sandals. Both CharLie and I are absolutely in love with high heeled ankle strap sandals. In fact, we have been lusting after them for quite some time now. The recent slew of glorious strappy sandals couldn’t make us any happier. Having been all the rage for the past couple of summers, it’s definitely still going strong and I really hope it stays that way. In fact, recently practically any outfit I put together (reality or fantasy-land), it is almost ALWAYS paired with strappy sandals! I’m telling you, this is definitely going to be my passionate fling of the summer!

The sandals featured in the above collage are the following:

The Gucci pairs from spring/summer 2013

The Gucci pairs from spring/summer 2013

The Giuseppe Zanotti pairs: Fall 2012(left) and Spring/Summer 2013(right)

The Giuseppe Zanotti pairs: Fall 2012(left) and Spring/Summer 2013(right)

Saint Laurent (left) and Versace (right)

Yves Saint Laurent (left) and Versace (right)

There were so many more magnificent strappy sandals I would have loved to have included for your viewing pleasure! The Giuseppe Zanotti line-up for fall 2012 and spring/summer 2013 is absolutely delicious. In fact this brand has always been one of my personal favourites. Definitely going to make a post on it soon!



PS: Also Angels, in my defense I had no choice in the matter – Sex in the City aired when I was a wee teenager (Don’t judge me!) *shooting cyclops-like glares at CharLie* AND mademoiselle CharLie, embarrassing stories from your past will definitely makes it’s way here now 😉


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