Vintage Lovin’: Watches and Hair


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Who here loves rocking a wristwatch and does it so often that it is pretty much part of their “getting dressed” ritual?

*Raises hand*


Carey Mulligan

Any fans of the slicked back hair style?

*Raises hand again*

Angels, I love both these styles and find them insanely attractive on both men and women! The wet sleek look adds an incredible sensual flair to hair (hurhur), which I absolutely adore. As for the wristwatch, it is such a staple among our accessories, we can almost liken it to earrings. This was of course, not always the case. Wristwatches are relatively “new” fashion accessories, especially for the ladies.

Before we move into exactly why I discuss this, see below for purely superficial reasons, another perfect example of the slicked-back hair.


So, why the hair and watch discussion, you wonder? Carey Mulligan and the handsome Leo DiCaprio must have already tipped you off (yes, Leo gets a positive adjective because I am partial to him… don’t judge).

Yes Angels, with yet another adaptation of The Great Gatsby, there has been new found buzz over the 1920s. This of course means I get to show some vintage love. There is no way I’ll let go of an opportunity to celebrate anything vintage and the 1001 reasons as to why the past is fabulous. For now though, let’s content ourselves with two reasons – the fashion boon that is the wristwatch and the slicked-back hair.

Ever wondered about the person who actually made it stylish to even rock either style? Well, you are about to find out.

This person deserves some serious love! I mean, if this individual didn’t make both styles so popular back in the 1920s, there was the possibility of wristwatches never catching on… or what if powered wigs were still the “it” hairdo. Yeah okay, let’s not imagine that!

So without further ado, here’s the one we should be thanking:

Rudolph Valentino

Super handsome and cool, isn’t he?

So this class act pictured above is none another than Rudolph Valentino. He pretty much made it stylish to rock slicked back hair and to wear wristwatches. Practically nine decades later, it’s still consistently trendy, only now for both men and women!

Originally from Italy, Rudolph Valentino was one of the biggest icons of the silent film era. He was a sex symbol of the 20s, popularly known as the “Latin lover”. With his share of ups and downs in Hollywood, he eventually had many critically and commercially acclaimed films. Unfortunately, as is the case with most unforgettable stars, he passed away at the very young age of 31. This completely destroyed the hearts of many young ladies of the time resulting into massive fan outcry. This, of course led to completely solidifying his iconic status.

So, there you have it! Yet another reason as to why the 1920s still defines fashion as we know it. Now, you can think of him every time you put on that marvellous wristwatch or when you slick that hair back. Quite an amazing person to think of, if you ask me.

Hope you enjoyed the post!



PS: If you have the patience, penchant, or just plain and simple curiosity for silent films, do check out his movies!



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