LookBook: The First Date

Oh! Hello Angels,

In case you are wondering where we have been…we are still alive! We had few priorities to take care of but we are now back for good. We missed posting so much! Seriously, cannot wait to share with you all  the amazing posts, ideas, projects we have in mind.

So now that I have broke the ice, let’s move on to the fun stuff! Today’s post is dedicated to The First Date Look. Yes! ladies…I am sure we can all relate to that heart pounding, pulse racing feeling of getting ready for a first date. Is my outfit nice? Is my hair in place? What about my make-up…overdone?  With so many questions in mind we want to look chic, perfect from head-to-toe but somehow don’t want to come off as if to we tried too hard. Women…aren’t we full of contradicting emotions.I remember few years ago when my best friend started to date her current boy friend, we would spend hours, yes seriously hours talking on the phone about her outfit, hair, make-up, accessories, handbag, jewellery  she would wear on her first few dates…ahhh! good old days! (Don’t worry I am only 1248 weeks old)

So as I was inspired by all the “first date” stories,  I put  together the perfect first date looks.  The outfits are very much inspired by my current wardrobe and my style – Classic, Feminine & Understated.

Coffee Date - Effortless Chic
Lady Like
Classy Edge
Now it’s your turn! What is your perfect first date look? And which one of the looks is your favourite?




  1. I really like first one…though I would carefully consider lower heels- just to be safe that I don’t end on the floor, embarassed.

    1. Haha! The fall would definitely be embarassing. Depending on how charming the date mate turns out to be, there’s a good chance even walking bare foot could result in a fall 😉

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