Out-in-town: Snowy Wednesday

Greetings Angels! The Charming Charliees have been extremely busy this past week. We finally had a week off and away from university — why, hello there mid-term break a.k.a not-really-a-break!

With about a thousand and one things to take care of from our over-crammed and ever expanding agenda, we admit to being a little MIA! Among an array of some fun, some dry and many exciting daily activities our favorite day was definitely Wednesday. We had a fabulous lunch meeting at the Aldo Group and we are happy to report that it went magnificently well. We then spent the entire day together, out in a very snowy and beautiful Montreal, ending our evening with a deliciously mouthwatering dinner at one of our favourite local Indian restaurant.

So without further ado, here is a little snapshot of our outfit on a lovely Wednesday afternoon.

First up, CharLie ‘s take on the  afternoon out -in-town:


 A staple in our closet, we are a huge fan of the effortless-chic look! CharLie’s outfit is a great example with a neutral mix of black and off-white playing off of each other. You can never go wrong with an over sized-tweed vest with leather detailing.


 The chelsea ankle boots bring the outfit together by adding an edge to the classic straight cut tweed vest. And ladies & gentlemen a tweed jacket is a must have for any winter & spring wardrobe. It is a classic, understated piece with a touch of modern glam.  To maintain the outfit’s chic sensibilities, the black and dark metal of the watch, bracelet and ring set off and accentuate the entire look!

:: Outfit Details ::
Tweed Oversized Vest: Mango
Skirt: H&M
Chelsea High Heel Boots: Local boutique in Montreal
Accessories – watch, necklace, ring, bracelet: Mix of Forever21, H&M & local boutiques

Now, let’s check out CharLee’s afternoon out-in-town ensemble:

charlee123 One of our favourite look is what we like to call, the playful-dichotomy. CharLee’s ensemble exemplifies it in its paradoxical mixes of hard & soft, feminine & rugged and classy & casual.

The over-sized sheer shirt paired with an almost hidden black skirt is layered with a box-shouldered and equally over-sized blazer that is cinched at the waist with a simple black belt. This creates a shapely monochrome palette that plays with the different textures of black. To add that extra edge and causal charm, there’s layering with a faded denim vest.

charlee456Of course, footwear is a make-it or break-it factor for any outfit, so the addition of the classic oxfords with a twist – gold studs and black stone embellishments, add that extra oomph factor to the look. To complete the ensemble, the final touch in the form of a multicoloured-jeweled necklace adding interest with a vibrant pop while maintaining harmony and cohesiveness definitely pulls the whole look together!

:: Outfit Details ::
Over-sized Sheer Shirt and Blazer : Straight from my beautiful mommy’s closet!
Denim Vest: Local boutique in Montreal
Embellished Oxford shoes:  Zara
Black Skirt: H&M
Jeweled Necklace and Black Belt: Zara

Hope you enjoyed the post!

– The Charming Charliees



  1. Those boots! Absolutely gorgeous, I really need to get myself a pair of those chunky black heeled booties NOW! Are there any left?

    1. Hey Florence! If you are around downtown Montreal check out Boutique Lilo in Complexe Les Ailes, although they had only two pairs of size 8 left. You can also check out Aldo, Little Burgundy or Zara…they also carry chunky heel booties.

  2. Love both of the outfits but I have to say the bottom one is cuter becaus the necklace is so unique and fun.
    xx Karen

    1. Thank you for passing by Karen! Glad you liked the outfits and although each outfit reflects two different styles, the necklace is indeed fabulous!

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