New addition to CharLie’s shoe collection

I recently went on a shopping trip to Zara. As you will get to know me  more, you will quickly catch that Zara is one of my favourite store to shop! In fact for both me & CharLee. We always, and I seriously mean always find something there.

So as usual, one evening CharLee & I decided to only have “look” at Zara’s new collection. As we enter the store  here is a typical scenario…we both start looking right, left, middle, centre and eventually go our separate ways to admire the store.And as we are “looking” around, we start picking up items…a little dress here, a shoe there, another shoe here, that beautiful printed shirt and about 1 hour later when we reunite again we both have  a pile of clothes in our hands. We somehow convince each other that we will just try them on and from that moment, as you guys have guessed, there is no turning back!  We leave the store with a sense of accomplishment, happy, a little guilty & of course with a whole in our wallet.

I found these stylish ankle strap, leopard print,chunky heel, gold studded  sandals! Wow a lot going on there…that is exactly what I though when I spotted them. I have a very soft spot  for anything sandals + ankle strap, so these beauties  instantly caught my eyes. I find ankle strap sandals a must have for any girl’s shoe  collection.  They are elegant, feminine and versatile. Although at the beginning I was a little skeptical about the leopard print. I am not a big fan of leopard, zebra, cougar…in short anything animal printed. Sometimes I don’t mind  on accessories…but animal printed clothes is a big no! no! for me.  But I find on these sandals it does not look “tacky” at all.

So I was finally able to justify myself (of course with a little help from my partner in crime aka CharLee) that since I don’t own any leopord printed shoe, this would be a good addition to my ever growing shoe collection & the fun part is I got them for a bargain!

Can’t wait to show you guys how I style them! And I am also curious to know how do you guys feel about animal print? Love it or Hate it?







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