Trend Report: Spring… are you here yet?! (Part I)

Guess who’s almost hereeeeeeee?! SPRING!!! And before we know it, SUMMER!!! Woohooo!

Angels, it’s almost time whip out all the gorgeous spring/summer outfits!! Gahhhhh can’t wait! As much as winter wear is fabulous, the shivering, being cold and covered up for so, SO long is getting tedious. Spring couldn’t get here any sooner! Thinking about it make me SO. EXCITED.

After being insanely sick while trying to hustle work and five midterms (#marketingstudentproblems), I finally realized that the weather warmed up a little which meant spring is kind of, almost, like-in-a-month-and-a-half here! And you know what this means — TREND REPORT time!

There are loads of beautiful trends we need to take note of for the upcoming spring and summer time! As I was creating a quick list-up, I realized the post was getting really long. So for an easy read, here’s part one. I’ll put up part two tomorrow. ENJOY!

Clear Cuts

It’s back! Done pretty fantastically by Prada in spring/summer 2010 and by Chanel a couple seasons before that, looks like we haven’t had enough of the “clear” trend yet. When used effectively, it adds a whole new dimension to key accessory pieces. It’s a fabulous way to create that peek-a-boo effect. My favorite 2013 adaptation has got to be the Givenchy shoes and the Valentino purses. So well done!

Clear n’ Black! How chic does this look?


This is what I call Nude and Bare (hur!). The wooden effect detailing on the Givenchy pair looks like ten kinds of awesome and then some!givenchy

And now… Lo Behold, a snapshot of the amazingly beautiful clear clutches and bags by Valentino.

Valentino Don’t they look perfect with white?

Here are a couple of more fuller shots just so you can see what they look like with an outfit.

valentino bags

Monochromatic Touch

Extreme contrasting of black and white will be huge this spring and summer. Almost every single fashion house rocked it! What’s amazing is the array and diversity in the adaption of it by the different designers. From subtly chic to detailed opulence, it’s pretty damn fantastic.

First up, chess-checking Louis Vuitton’s take, how do you feel about it? I like the 60s styling and the handbags.

chesslouis checkchess

Next we have cherry-blossoming Prada. I find this interpretation pretty cool as well!

Cherryblossom prada

Here’s the architecturally opulent Givenchy rocking both the monochrome and clear trends together. I like the soft and hard effect accentuated by the metal detailing!givenchrome givenchro

Here’s Proenza Schouler’s edgier, harder and detailed take, which I also found to be pretty fantastic.proenza1 proenza2

Here’s Balenciaga’s figure flattering take on monochrome.balenciaga

I loved the outfit below. Very beautifully cut and minimalistic.


I’ll stop with this last one, otherwise it won’t end. Seriously, monochrome was everywhere, done by everyone! So, here’s Balmain’s structural perfection. I LOVED the entire collection. The cuts had a fabulous 80s feel. Seriously, Balmain blew it out of the park again! I loved almost ever single piece in the collection(again). WANT. THEM. NOW!!

balmain-rtw-ss2013-runway-35_124004440085 Balmain-Spring-RTW-2013.17 Balmain2

Harmony n’ Clash

To spice up the high contrasting black and white action going on all over the place, another popular trend was the inclusion of a super bright pop of colour. It worked amazingly well to both undercut and accentuate the black and/or white palettes.

First up, Prada. I was especially fond of how harmonized the entire colour palette was, while creating interest due to the rather bold contrasting of red, black and white.

prada12 prada13

Next we have Givenchy’s subtler take on it by adding metallic contrasts. SO COOL.givenmetal

Other houses took a different route. Rather than creating the contrast within the same piece, they added the pop of colour within the collection instead. Louis Vuitton for instance created the effect of colourful clashes with the monochrome counterpart by adding very bright yellows and greens.Lvspring

SIDE NOTE: Observation

By the way, how obvious and strong are the Japanese influences in the Prada collection? From the kimono-esque cuts to the cherry blossom printing all the way down to the slippers, everything infuses traditional Japanese attire. I’m sure a lot of you picked up on it! How do you like it?prada14/end of observation. Alright, let’s move on to the next trend.

Floral Flash

Along with bold contrasting, floral printing is another trend to look out for! As you have probably noticed already, Prada had the cherry blossoms all over their collection, but they weren’t the only ones. Below are some that caught my attention.

First up, Dior had some serious flower power going on! The metallic sheen added another dimension to the whole look.


Next-up here’s Louis Vuitton’s take, still in line with the 60s cuts.lvflora

Once more, the Japanese cherry blossom action at Pradapradaflora

And I’ll end with a fun and different take by Gucci incorporating the floral trend as a part of their jewellery. It looks pretty fantastic with the minimal white dress. I like!gucciflora

Ruffled Senses

So ruffles are totally in! The interesting aspect for me was how different the interpretation can be. Consequently creating a very different resulting visual impact. Who knew ruffles could go so many ways?

Let’s start with the the architectural softness of Givenchy. So, so pretty.

So far, my favourite execution of this trend has got to be by Givenchy. How beautiful is this black dress? I want it NOWWWWW!!!givenchy12

Up next, structurally strong take on ruffles by Balengciaga, rocking the monochrome and clear trends as well.


Finally, I’ll end with the romantic extravagance of Gucci. It gives off a very opulent and luxurious feel, doesn’t it?gucciruff gucci3 gucci2

Well Angels, this is it for part one of Spring-Summer Trends. I’ll have the second part up by Friday night, promise. Sharing the trendsetting fashion houses’ take was a lot of fun but what I am really excited for is using it all as inspiration. Soon enough, CharLie and I are going to be sharing our take on the trends. Can’t wait!

So spring-summer 2013 brings you clear cuts, the monochromatic touch, contrasting harmony, floral flashes and ruffled senses–which one are you the most inspired by? Do share!




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