Vintage Lovin’: I Heart Givenchy


As you read through the High Society entries and follow my raves and rants you will quickly get used to these fan girl posts — my crazy-in-love-inner-fan-girl-out-burst posts to be exact. With that, you will also very quickly notice a common theme in said posts: Hubert de Givenchy, Cristobal Balenciaga and the design-gasm eras of 1930s-1960s.

Yes Angels, this CharLee is obsessed. I’m completely o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d!

I watch a ridiculous amount of vintage cinema and I am totally history obsessed in general. But once in a while, I go through these especially strong episodes. The trigger this time, you ask? Well, of course it was none other than my umpteenth view of LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON (*cue epic version of Fascination played throughout the film*). Hands down one of my favourite romance films (I promise a serious post on it another day when my brain isn’t frozen due to glorious design).


I love Audrey Hepburn. I love Hubert de Givenchy and I LURVE everything about the two of them together.

And right now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ariane Chavasse of Love in the afternoon! Look below and you’ll see exactly why. Practically every single outfit can be worn today, talk about being timeless!


GloriousAud Glorious design on an equally glorious woman. So darn beautiful!

audreyThe gorgeous front!

backLook at that pretty back with bows, slits and gorgeous tailoring!

HAN_GIVThis beautiful ensemble interestingly reminds me of a Hanbok — a traditional Korean dress. I’ll have more on that topic in another post.

sexay coat    Hello there, gorgeous coat!

SUPERC Such great fit! I can literally wear this now, don’t you agree?

beautyThe lovely black dress.

AGFit to perfection.

blackdressSome more of it with the lovely hat.


I definitely had the most frustrating time getting some proper pictures that effectively capture the beauty of all the designs. I still feel like I have miserably failed. Whether you are a fan of vintage cinema or not, you just have to see Givenchy’s elegant and delicate designs alive and in all its glory draped over the fabulous Audrey.  To truly appreciate his wonderful and timelessly classic craftsmanship, there’s just no other way but to see it in motion. I guarantee that you will fall in love! The movie on its own is falling-in-love worthy. It’s in Paris, the city of love for goodness sake! With beautiful people, beautiful Paris and beautiful fashion, it will be like falling in love thrice, simultaneously.  MIND BLOWN.

If I have soundly convinced you, do share how the film viewing goes. WE. MUST. SPAZZ. TOGETHER!



PS: More exciting posts on its way about all the fabulous names and topics splashed all over this one. Also, Gary Cooper is TOTALLY fabulous.  Aaaannnd just because I can, let me indulge you some more!



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